Design Consulting + Fabrication + Installation

Our clients wanted to bring warmth and energy into the new restaurant, making minimal changes for maximum impact. The “wave” spanning three walls is based on the quick movement of an object through space, exuding motion through its form. This motion is reinforced by the gradient of reclaimed wooden boards. These boards are least dense in the most “active” area, and seamlessly anchor to the solid wood-clad pickle wall.

Materials and colors were chosen to integrate with the existing aesthetic, used in an unexpected way to bring new life to ReVerb.

Client: reVerb SF

Location: 2323 Polk St., San Francisco  CA

Completion: March 2015

Materials: Pine/Douglas Fir/Redwood Shiplap Boards, MDF, Paint, LEDs

Scope: Design, prototyping, fabrication, and installation of wall feature to support the rebranding of Verbena Restaurant / reVerb