California College of the Arts


California College of the Arts


A small oasis for meditation and prayer tucked away on a college's bustling campus


Design + Digital Fabrication

CCA students have long been asking for a quiet, reflective space to serve as a respite from the school's bustling halls. CCA identified an underutilized room on their San Francisco campus to transform into a spiritual oasis. We developed an initial concept that we carried through to design details and cut files for CNC milling, and did the CNC millwork as well - using CCA's on-campus shops. The lighting above and below can be adjusted separately by users of the space. The room accommodates 1-4 users at a time. This was a special project for our team, since three of us received our Masters in Architecture from CCA, and this was a unique and exciting way to give back and highlight the top-notch education we received.



Project Gallery


Project Information:

Client: California College of the Arts
Location: 1111 8th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
Completion: August 2015
Materials: CNC Milled Plywood, LED's
Scope: Initial concept, design development, CNC milling, and project oversight