Cinderella Parklet


This legacy San Francisco bakery wanted an outdoor space that shared the same special qualities their patron’s found on the inside — an unpretentious, cozy gathering place, bursting with flavor and life.

Design Consultation + Fabrication + Installation

Mike and Marika Fishman, owners of the well-loved Cinderella Bakery in the Inner Sunset, wanted to increase foot traffic to their location and to enhance the public space in their neighborhood.

They also wanted to create a space where their devoted clientele of neighborhood regulars and city newcomers could relax and enjoy the best Russian delicacies in the region. LMNOP took cues from the clean but unpretentious feel of the bakery itself (as well as hidden bursts of flavor and life) to inspire a nested set of planters within a cozy bench and table seating area. It is crafted out of redwood and hot rolled steel, enveloped by tiered planters carrying a variety of succulents and herbs.

Client: Cinderella Bakery

Location: 436 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA 94118

Completion: April 2015

Materials: Hot Rolled Steel, Redwood Boards and Lumber, Marine Grade and Pressure Treated Plywood, Connecticut Stone Tiles, Succulents and Herbs

Scope: Design consultation/value engineering, fabrication, installation, and permitting support for Cinderella Bakery and Cafe sponsored public parklet.