Reem's California


Reem's California


A modern take on Arab geometry and style


Design + Project Management + Construction

An Arab bakery by San Francisco-based LMNOP Design couples Middle Eastern themes with a California aesthetic. Reem’s California is designed to be a community hub for Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood, using bright, warm colors to elicit a sense of home, comfort, and welcoming.

Materials and colors were chosen to create an energetic, warm, and welcoming space for patrons - this includes a lot of natural wood and bright colors. Corrugated metal ceiling panels scale the space, and give a subtle nod to the industrial materials of Oakland.

The bread prep area is a beacon on the bakery’s exterior, using neutral tones and materials to highlight the activity inside. Large windows create a public-facing “performance” as the bread is prepared. At that counter, there is a show of vibrant dressings to top their man’oushe. This creates a visual narrative of the food they are consuming - watching step by step as it is prepared.


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Project Information:

Client: Reem's California
Location: 3301 12th Street, Suite 133, Oakland CA 94601
Completion: May 2017
Materials: Tile, Pine, Maple Butcher Block
Scope: Design, Project Management, Custom Fabrication, Construction