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Design Consulting + Fabrication

Sanaz was invited to create an exhibition for the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. She was interested in adapting her existing work to use mirrors instead of photographs, and had a vision for an object made of two intersecting planes that would be covered in a mirror mosaic. The piece would have punctures through it, such that a viewer could see their broken reflection and could see beyond. We worked with Sanaz to develop the underlying structural panels that the mirror mosaic would be mounted on, and we digitally fabricated the units for her out of MDF. More information about her exhibit can be found at:


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Project Information:

Client: Sanaz Mazinani
Location: Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 200 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA
Completion: March 2015
Materials: CNC-cut MDF, Steel, Fir.
Scope: Design and assembly of the structural elements of the freestanding sculptural centerpiece of the exhibit