T-WE Shop


T-WE Shop

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A playful space designed for customer experience


Design + Fabrication + Installation

As the flagship brick and mortar shop we worked with T-We Teas to create a fun a playful space that could adapt and grow with the company. Every detail was created around the customers experience of intimacy with tea. Smelling stations at the entry allowed the customer to become intimate with the product and see that the brights colors in the packaging translated directly to the honesty of the product with real pieces of coconut, hibiscus blossoms and such. The with a small space for reading, sharing and spending time we sought to embrace the ethos of truth, beauty and community that T-We Teas seeks.



Project Gallery


Project Information:

Client: T-WE Tea
Location: Crocker Galleria, 50 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94104
Completion: 2013
Materials: CNC wood, paint, misc. purchased furniture
Scope: Design, fabrication, installation