From custom one-off prototypes to small production runs, we have been able to work with our clients to create stunning products.

Send us your 2D or 3D digital file, we are able to accept most CAD and drawing filetypes. Please include dimensions, material thickness, material finishes and other project details. You might also send us renderings or images of similar projects that you think will help us understand your design and fabrication intent.

Acceptable Materials:

  • Plastic (ex: acrylic, polycarbonate, HDPE)

  • Wood (ex: plywood, lumber, MDF)

  • Corian and other non-metalic engineered products

Machine Specs:

  • Laguna Smartshop II with automatic tool changer

  • Machining envelope: 50” x 100” x 6”

  • 3-axes

Thank you for you interest! We will respond within 48 hours if you fill out the form below or send us an email.

(415) 400-3863