Our small but mighty team of designers and builders set out to create the most beautiful, sustainable, and adaptable workplace modulars on the market. JumpBooth is the happy result.

Design + Fabrication + Installation

In our 7+ years working with Bay Area companies, we’ve made a study of the open office — its highs and its lows. And we’ve developed a reputation for coming up with creative solutions to the most intractable problems they present to the fast-growing, ever-changing Bay Area businesses that work in them.

One challenge encountered in almost all open office spaces, large or small: The need for quiet, semi-private space to escape distraction (or keep from being a distraction to others). So our R+D team decided to take on designing the best “phone booth” on the market. There were already some options on the market — some affordable but awkward rectangular boxes, some beautiful but expensive and trailing a hefty carbon footprint. For us, this meant it had to be beautiful, adaptable, sustainable, and economical for Bay Area businesses.

LMNOP applied our unique manufacturing method of kerf-cutting and bending plywood to turn the awkward rectangular box into an inviting modern form made from natural, sustainable materials. Our booth is also an affordable and sustainable choice for Bay Area companies to ship, build, and repair thanks to our local CNC manufacturing process and IKEA-style, kit-of-parts design approach.

With second-generation versions now on the market, we continue to improve JumpBooth in response to customer feedback. LMNOP is also developing and testing integrated technology that will allow companies to track the use and usefulness of their JumpBooths.


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Location: 45 29th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110