Merchants Exchange

art Installation
@ Merchants Exchange

This holiday installation framed a contemporary, colorful light show within the stunning historic architectural backdrop of the Merchants Exchange building. The effect was magical.

Design + Fabrication + Installation

This enchanting holiday installation was commissioned for one of the oldest buildings in San Francisco, The Merchants Exchange. The design consisted of thirty-two icicles of varying lengths, illuminated by individually controlled LEDs, creating a visual array that dazzled passers-by with a contemporary light show framed by the stunning architectural features of the historic building.


Client: Rebar Group / Brazenworks

Location: 465 California St., San Francisco, CA 94104

Completion: December 2012

Materials: Plastic tubes, fabric, LEDs, unistruts, cable wire, paper mache

Scope: Design, prototyping, budget analysis, complete fabrication, pre-assembly, and installation