Shiba Ramen

Shiba Ramen

Design + Project Management + Construction

Shiba Ramen (Broadway) is the full brick & mortar sister to the Emeryville Market location. This 1400sf restaurant was a full tenant improvement project in collaboration with Misa Grannis. 

Wood and tile are the primary materials used to accent the space, referencing Japanese aesthetics of minimalism and geometric patterning. This detailed aesthetic is punctuated by vibrant colors and patterns that bring life into the restaurant, grounding Shiba in its context and community.

Among many details, the large basswood ceiling sculpture stands above the rest, as it lures people in with its intimate scale and provocative form. This gesture couples the rigidity of the slats’ size and rhythm, with a playful ripple that reaches deep into the space, casting an array of shadows along the perimeter walls. It transitions the double height entrance to a more intimate atmosphere for patrons to feel at home.


Client: Shiba Ramen

Location: 1438 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

Completion: February 2017

Materials: Ash and Bass woods, Tile, Steel

Scope: Design, Project Management, Custom Fabrication and Construction